Layout and paste-up, 1975

Self-portrait, 2013


The essence of effective visual design involves an economy of style. For each design project, every line, shape, and color should serve some real purpose. The placement of each letter or image on a print or web page should be meticulously thought out in advance. No visual element should be included for the sake of pure ornamentation — unless, of course, the nature of the individual project demands it.

In Walden, philosopher/naturalist Henry David Thoreau urged his readers to "simplify, simplify." In all of my design work, I attempt to do just that. I strive for a clean and classic design style, often looking to the pre-digital era for inspiration while still remaining contemporary. The result is design that works by communicating a client's core message while maintaining a clear and consistent brand identity.


I was born on February 22, 1957, the 225th anniversary of George Washington's birth, in Arlington, Massachusetts. Back in 1766, when it was called Menotomy, the town was also the birthplace of meat-packer Samuel Wilson, who later became known as "Uncle Sam." I can trace my ancestry back to three undocumented immigrant boat people — Myles Standish, John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins — who came from England in 1620 on the Mayflower in order to escape persecution for their religious beliefs.

After high school, I attended Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, from which I received a bachelor's degree in English. Following a brief career in the financial industry, I studied Computer Sciences at the Harvard University Extension School. There, in a course called Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, I had the opportunity to work on the Apple Macintosh before it was made available to the public.

Because of my lengthy career in the visual communications industry (my experience dates back to the pre-digital era when cutting-edge design skills included the proper use of T squares, ink pens, and French curves), some might label me as a "designosaur." However, I was one of the earliest adopters of the PC as a design tool and I make it a priority to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and new media technologies.